Cargo Hold Cleaning Service

Cargo Hold Cleaning Service

Hold cleaning is our priority. We understand the needs of ship owners. We know how important time is and offer a hold cleaning service. Shipping is a busy and often hectic business. It is not always possible for a ship's crew to keep up the necessary level of hold maintenance required to carry sensitive cargo. Most ship owners don't even know they have a problem until the vessel fails a hold survey on the load berth. We understand how important a quick response is in that situation. We have the expertise, manpower and the equipment to mobilize quickly - even in regional and remote ports that are time efficient and tailored both to the vessel's needs and the cargo to be loaded. Hold cleaning can be conducted by a variety of methods including hydroblasting, washing, scraping, mechanically de-scaling or blowing with compressed air .

All of our equipment is approved for safety towards both our and your crews working environment. Our supervisors have extensive experience in preparing ship's holds for various types of dry cargo. We know the exact level of cleanliness required for each type of cargo and we strive to clean to that level only, thereby eliminating 'over cleaning' and saving shipowners time and money .

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